Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Work Clothes Wishlist

In just over a month I am starting a work placement for 13 months. It is part of my university course and I am really looking forward to it as it was one of the reasons I picked my university as they offered a year out to experience what it is like to have a job. Although I know it might be hard I love learning new skills and I am also excited to meet new people.

I will be working in an office environment for most of it and I have been told to dress 'smart casual'. I don't know about you but I have never understood what people mean by that but I guess it means don't wear jeans and don't wear anything you would be seen out in on a saturday night haha! I was actually reading something the other day that said to do the 'smart casual' look it is best to have staple pieces such as a blazer, skirts, shorts and casual shirts in neutral colours. I agree with this as you can mix and match things with plain items and adding a blazer to any outfit instantly makes it look smarter. So here is the few keys items I have had my eye on...

Black pocket front cropped blazer - £24.99 - I actually ended up buying this the other day as I thought if I get any new clothes then a black blazer is a must. I was really happy as I got student discount and the jacket fit me really nice. When I got it home I realised I have the same style jacket in a mint green colour I bought it the sale last year but I know I will get a lot of wear out of both of them. 

Curved hem sleeveless top - £12.99 - Some simple tops I think are a must to just throw on with different bottoms and I like wearing patterned trousers so I think these would look really nice. At the moment I am really wanting something in this khaki colour too, I think it would suit me and is different to what I normally wear.

Black skinny trousers - £22 - I am currently on the hunt for some smart trousers. I want some that are fitted as I can't stand flared ones as they look too much like school trousers. These ones from Next are a perfect example of what I want.

Black crepe sleeveless duster coat - £22.99 - I can't remember where I first saw these but I really love them. I think they are very smart/casual as there are basically a blazer with no sleeves. I can see myself wearing this with patterned trousers or leggings and a coloured top.

Khaki tie waist short - £12.99 - Hopefully this summer we are going to have really nice weather so some shorts are a must. These look a really nice shape and smart enough for work.

Black laser cut pencil skirt - £12.99 - I think a simple black skirt would look really nice in the summer for work with a summery coloured top and pretty flat shoes.

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