Monday, 4 May 2015

DIY - Lacey Edged Top

Recently I have seen a lot of the same top designs across a few stores on the high street. It is a very simple top, quite boxy with simple lace edge detail on the sleeves and hem. I really loved the design but because I am a fashion student and have sewing machine skills I thought why not make my own!

Examples of the existing design 

(photo taken from Tesco website)
Tesco - £12

(photo taken from Dorothy Perkins website)
Dorothy Perkins - £16 now £14.40

To make you will need:

A striped top - mine was from the charity shop for £3.99
Black lace edging - I used two different ones but you could use the same - £4.90
Black thread
Sewing machine or hand sewing needle

How to make

1. Start by deciding if you want to shorten your top before you sew on the hem edging. I decided to leave mine the length it was but its up to you.

2. Pin black lace edging to the bottom of the top. When you get to the join leave a 1cm extra on each end.

3. Where you have the 1cm extra turn put them together and sew a seam. Open the seam and them pin onto the edge of the top. This create a neat join and finish. Then sew around the bottom to sew on the edging.

4. Repeat the same process for the sleeves and then thats it!

Before and after photos

It is such a simple top and for just under £9 it is such a bargain and something a bit more unique than one you would get in the shops.

(I actually ended up taking off the edge on the bottom as I didn't realise how stretchy the top was and when I put it on it wouldn't go over my hips but oh well I still think it looks pretty around the sleeves, just be warned if you have a stretch top stretch it while you sew the bottom edging.)

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