Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Mac Collection so far

I have probably been buying Mac for about a year now. Its not something I buy all the time because I can't afford to but I love it and think the quality is definitely worth the price.

The first thing I bought from Mac was a lipstick. I bought the shade Brave which is a satin finish. I bought it online so had no idea if I would like the colour as I had only looked at swatches online. But when it came I loved it and the colour was perfect for everyday which is what I wanted.

And that is where my love for Mac all started and now I have quite a few products so I thought I would show you what I have...

On swatches photo from top to bottom Sketch, Antiqued and Charcoal Brown

From left to right Plumful, Verve, Brave, Diva
On swatches photo on the left it is swatched and the right it is blended

Mac can be bought from counters in Fenwicks, Debenhams and a few other store and also online at

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