Sunday, 1 March 2015

This has been my February 2015

I was inspired to write this post as I have seen many other posts that are very similar. I wanted to look back the last month through my Instagram photos.

February is by far the best month of the year as its my birthday month! I turned 20 which I actually can't believe because it means I am no longer a teenager! But before I tell you about my birthday celebration posts, I actually started the month celebrating for a different reason! The reason was is that I got a work placement for part of my course at university. I am taking a year out
gaining experience which is so exciting, so I went out for few cocktails with friends to celebrate!

The second thing to happen in February was I went to Paris! This was part of my university course and was such a good trip, I really enjoyed it! We did all the usual tourist activities but you can read all about it in my other post (here). After Paris I had reading week which  is just a week to catch up on work and it was nice to have rest too as I went home to see friends and family.

The first event of the month was of course Pancake day! This year they actually turned out quite good which surprised me because they never do but this year I decided to have a go at american style pancakes and they were so much better than previous years.

During that week I had at home I had an early birthday meal and cocktails with my two best friends which you can read all about where we went on my friend's blog (here). It was really nice to catch up and celebrate since I had to travel back to university on my actual birthday.

Then in between the meal and my birthday I went to the hairdressers and decided to have my hair cut the shortest I have had in years! I was inspired by the You tuber Essie Button. She had recently changed her hair and looked amazing and it made me want to change mine to so I did and I really love it! And Essie did too because she tweeted me which made my day!

Then to end my February I had my birthday! I had two birthday cakes, I got money, Mac vouchers, some of the new Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes, some Benefit make up, some earrings and a 3D pug photo which is amazing! I feel so lucky that I have such generous family and friends and can't thank them enough!

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  1. This is a lovely post :) you've definitely had a great month!! p.s thanks for the link to my blog ;) x