Monday, 9 March 2015

A few of my favourite things - Tag

I have seen this tag on quite a few blogs lately so I thought I would do it to as I quite like doing tags...

1.Products - Mascara, micellar water, The Body Shop shower gels
2. Foods - Ferroro Rochers, pretzels, cheese on toast
3. Places - Home, Paris, Greece
4. Things you'd miss - family, friends, home
5. Things you do when you are bored - eat, blog, watch you tube
6. Things you enjoy when its sunny - sunbathing, cold drinks, reading a book in the garden
7. Films - Hairspray, Finding Nemo, The Holiday
8. Songs - The Fray - How to save a life, Ed Sheeran - Tenerife sea, Hozier - Take me to church
9.Brands - Topshop, Kiko,  Cath Kidston
10. Oudoor things you like - Been in the sun, shopping, barbecues
Events - Birthdays, meals out, holidays
Cartoons - (when I was younger ) Arthur, Phineas and Ferb, The Cramp Twins
13. Buildings - The Lourve, Somerset House, Liverpool One
14. Anything in everyday life - Tea, food. make up
15. Traits in a person - kind, funny, caring
16. Influences - ?
17. Drinks - Tea, wine, vodka
18. Experiences - college, university, going up the Eiffel Tower
19. Things to watch - Coronation Street, films, The Great British Sewing Bee
20. Youtubers - Estee, Gabriella, Lily Pebbles

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  1. It’s a really great post! Can’t wait to see the next one!)
    And I like your blog very much!)

    Diana Cloudlet