Thursday, 3 July 2014

This weeks nails

I have just finished doing my nails and this week I decided to do galaxy print nails. I found a tutorial on you tube (link here) and I really loved the colour palette that was used as it was really summery and I really love pastel shades anyway. I have done galaxy print nails before quite a while ago where I used this tutorial (link here) but this used the actual colours of the galaxy which I really like the look of too. So here they are...

I actually didn't think I had a photo of the other coloured galaxy nails I did a while ago but I found a photo of the same nails I did on my friend.( on the left) The ones I did today I think look quite good although I am aware they are not exactly the same as the tutorial.

These are the colours I used:

For the base - No7 stay perfect nail colour - Lucky Lilac
I then used an eyeshadow sponge applicator to dab on the colours on top:
A darker lilac - from a Comapany magazine - Sky
A pale pink - Nail paint by Barry M - 309 Strawberry
A pastel blue/green - Tanya Burr - Little Duck
A french polish white - not sure what make this as I have had it a while
A metallic silver - Kelly Brook - not sure what it is called as it came in a set from New look
A silver glitter polish - Technic nail varnish - not sure what it is called as it came in a set
For the top coat - Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat -  Clear

Hope you like it 

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