Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My Lipstick Collection - High street and High end

Today I thought I would share my lipstick collection. I don't have many but my collection is slowly growing and I find myself wearing lipstick a lot more than I used to.

 Cheap Lipsticks

(from top to bottom, left to right in rows)
MUA - Nectar Shade 16 - Coral 
MUA - Lilac Belle - Matte lilac
MUA - Shade 13 - Bright red
MUA - Bare Shade 14 - Pink toned nude
All are available at Superdrug for £1 each

High street and high end lipsticks

(from top to bottom, left to right in rows)
Barry M - Not sure off the name as it has worn off - Red - Available at Superdrug or Boots £4.49
Urban Decay - Bang  - Orange toned red - Available at Debenhams £15
MAC - Brave - Pink, would describe it as my lip but better colour - Available at Debenhams £15
Models Own - Fushia full  - Bright hot pink - not actually a lipstick but it is is the consistency of lipstick and is very opaque -  I got this for free at a Models Own stand in London so not sure if they are available anymore or how much they are

Lip Crayons

(from top to bottom, left to right in rows)
Light coral
Hot pink
Pale Pink
I got these in a set for christmas, you can buy these separately from boots for £4.99 but not sure if they do these exact colours as they have no names on them. 

Most recent lipstick purchase

Make up Revolution - Encore - Medium pink - Superdrug £1
(full review on this coming soon)

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