Thursday, 24 July 2014

A little treat from The Body Shop

A few weeks ago I went for a day out with my Auntie and Nanna, it was really nice day spent looking round the shops and charity shops but unfortunately I didn't get much. One of the last shops we went in was The Body Shop. I wanted to go in as I knew there was a sale so these are the little bits I picked up...

This is a blueberry lip butter and it smells amazing! I love it as its so moisturising and makes a change from using vaseline like I normally would and it was only £3, such a bargain!

I also got a shower gel in the same scent which was also £3! I am saving this to take back to university and can't wait to use it. I would definitely recommend going to have a look in the sale (if its still on that is) as there are some really good bargains.

(Also if you were wondering I edited these photos using the PhotoFy app. I really love the cute little borders and designs.)

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