Sunday, 15 June 2014

This weeks nails

I mentioned in a previous post I love watching you tube videos and quite a lot of the videos I watch are nail art videos. I am obsessed with nail varnish and love painting my nails although while I have been at university I haven't painted them as much as usual. So this week I decided to do a nail design I had seen which you can see how to do here:

This technique is called dry brush nail art. It is nothing like anything I have seen before and I love the effect you can create and its really easy too! This is what my nail look like and the nail varnishes I used
Hope you like it and try it out yourself
from Sophie

The nude base colour

The top coat (would definitely recommend this nail varnish) 

The colours I used were an Essie one called Brazilliant and the rest were Kelly Brook ones which were in a pack of 12  from New Look

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  1. Love your blog ;) I have never heard of dry brush nail art but it looks great!