Friday, 13 June 2014

Bones inspired dress

The other weekend I moved back home for the summer after my first year of university. I have really enjoyed the year and the course is exactly what I wanted and I am very proud of myself of finally getting to university as the course is something I have always wanted to do and although been more independent was hard to get used to I am pleased I have finally had experience of living away from home. I study fashion design with textiles (BA Hons) in Huddersfield and I wanted to share one of my garments I made this year. It was inspired by bones after we went to the natural history museum in London. I am very happy with it as I worked hard and I got a first for the module it was part of. It was part of my sample development, pattern cutting and manufacturing module which after this year I think is my strong point and enjoy it more than the other modules. I always thought I wanted to be a fashion illustrator but now I think I would quite like the job as a pattern cutter.
This is my dress inspired by bones although try to ignore the fabric i know it has nothing to do with bones but I didn't get to pick it we got given it, anyway hope you like it 
From Sophie

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