Saturday, 28 June 2014

Benefit They're Real push-up liner review

Yesterday I went back to Huddersfield to hand some work in for term 3 even though its not marked work but anyway I now have the rest of the summer to do whatever I want and not think about work which is such a good feeling! I spent the rest of the day with my friend Mia (you can take a look at her blog here: ) and we wandered around town but for most of it we were looking in Boots. I bought lunch in there and ended up getting a voucher with my receipt to get a free Benefit They're Real push-up liner which doesn't come out officially until today. So I went up to the Benefit counter and asked about it. All I had to do was have a free consultation where the girl at the counter tried the liner on me.  
These are photos of when the Benefit counter girl put it on me, I liked the way it looked and it stayed on well and I even had a bit of trouble getting it off. She had put on a bit thicker line than I usually do but it looked nice.

This is the sample I got given, on the packaging it claims it draws an easy line and has a smooth, lash-hugging application. I couldn't wait to try putting it on myself because it sounded so easy.

This is the packaging of the sample

Above are the photos of today when I tried putting it on myself. I think it looks good and it was quite easy to use after I realised not to push up too much product. I like that it is a gel liner as these stay on much better and I think I would get better at using it with practise but obviously it would be a lot easier if the product was full size because there would be more of a pen to hold onto. It retails for £18.50 which is around the same price as the other They're real products and I think it would definitely be worth it if you love wearing eye liner and like trying out new ones. I think I may buy it when I have saved up or ask for it for christmas because as a student I don't buy higher end make up that often.


  1. I really want to try this! But i love my Mac Fluidline and Collection felt tip pen too much to splurge on this one at the moment!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Have you done a review on your blog about those? :) I love trying out different eye liners and would be interested to know what they are like :)