Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I finally have a blog!

Today is finally the day I have created a blog! I love reading blogs and I do it daily along with my obsession of  watching endless you tube tutorials on how to do make up looks or hairstyles. I started a blog a while ago while I was at college for a project in my computer studies class but never carried it on so I decided to delete  it and start again. I wouldn't have been doing this if it wasn't for one of best friends who inspired me with hers that she did while she was on her gap year in Japan. I saw her for the first time last week which was so nice as i had missed her even though we messaged on Facebook all the time and spent hours on Skype while she was away. Thanks to her I now have a blog which I plan to post on every week with all things such as make up, hair, nails and fashion!
Hope you enjoy my future posts 
 from Sophie

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