Friday, 5 September 2014

My Favourite You Tubers

As I may have mentioned before I love watching you tube videos in my spare time. I mainly watch beauty and fashion videos but I also like watching vlogs. Today I thought I would share my top 5 favourite you tubers...

1. Shannon Harris from the channels Shaaanxo and Shaaanxovlogs -

She does both make up tutorials and fashion but is amazing at make up and I really love her videos! I also really like her New Zealand accent. 

2. Gabriella Lindley from the channels Gabriella (Velvetghost) and PlanetGabb - 

Gabriella is another beauty you tuber and I really love her variety of make up tutorials and haul videos. I also love her personality which comes across in all her videos and I like that I can relate to her because she is a similar age to me. I have also really been enjoying her moving out vlogs on her vlog channel.

3. Lindy Tsang from the channel BubzBeauty and Bubz vlogz -

Although I love watching both channels over the last few months I have really been enjoying her vlog channel as she is a really happy bubbly person and I love her watching her dogs, Chubbi and Domo too.

4. Kathleen Fuentes from the channels KathleenLights and DaysOfOurLights

Again this is another beauty channel. I love her make up tutorials but also like her beauty box unboxings and product reviews. She also recently made a vlog channel which I also enjoy watching.

5. Louise from Sprinkleofglitter and SprinkleofChatter 

Louise is seems like such a lovely person and I love her variety of beauty, fashion, advice and entertaining videos. Her vlogs are also really good and her daughter, Darcy is so cute!

(Click on names in this post to go to their you tube channel)


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