Friday, 19 September 2014

Fashion Bargains

Over the summer I volunteered in one of my local charity shops. I did it as I needed something to put on my CV and thought that it would be good to do as there is so much you can write about. I did two days a week and most of the time I enjoyed it. One of the great things about working in a charity shop is the discount you get. I love charity shop shopping anyway so it was great bonus. I never really understood why they give discount in a charity shop because obviously the money goes to charity and its not exactly expensive anyway but I wasn't complaining I got 20% off anything I bought. 

The first two things I bought were a dress and a play suit. I got them for £3.99 each with my discount  which was really good because neither of them look like they had been worn before. They both have River Island labels in them and I got them for a bargains as I bet these were both around £20 when they were originally bought.

The top is from a different charity shop near where I live and I got this for £2! It was actually in the sale and had been priced before at about £4.50. It has a Marks and Spencers label in and also looks like it hasn't been worn. I really love the lace detail on the cap sleeves.
The jumper is from the charity shop I volunteered in and again I got it for £3.99 with my discount. It still had the tag on which obviously showed it hadn't been worn before. I can't remember what it said on the tag but its feels good quality and the knit is thick so it will be perfect for winter.

This bag I got from the same charity shop as the top above. It was only £4! I really love brown bags as they go with any outfit. The shape and size also caught my eye because I like quite big bags and I really love the embossed pattern on it. I looked inside and found that it has a Primark label. Although I have bought bags from Primark before and haven't lasted long for £4 it doesn't matter as its so cheap and the inside it looked like it hadn't been used as there was no marks on the lining so it was a bargain.

I was very happy with my little haul form charity shops over the summer and for £17.97 altogether I have saved so much!

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