Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Make Up Brush Collection

Today's post is just a short one about my make up brush collection. I don't really own that many and would love to try out some different ones but here is what I currently own...

All of the brushes I own so far are al Real Techniques and I have come to realise these are the best make up brushes you could own as I am sure many make up addicts would agree! I have tried others in the past and which were all rough and scratchy so now I own all Real Techniques. They are all really soft and fluffy and don't drop hairs like most of the other brushes I have tried before. They blend make up really well and give a flawless finish. The ones I have are:

The Blush Brush
The Expert Face Brush
(Above are sold separately)

Deluxe Crease Brush
Base Shadow Brush
Accent Brush
Pixel Point Eye liner Brush
Brow Brush
(Above are sold in a set that comes with case which is pictured above)

They can be bought from Boots or Amazon
with Amazon been a lot cheaper especially for the sets.

Which brand of brushes do you use? I would love to know 


  1. Hey Soph. I'm so jealous of your Real Techniques collection! I only have one brush!

    I went into Wilkinsons recently and you really need to feel their make up brushes! I'm not even joking, they feel just like RT brushes and are more reasonably priced! :) xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Mia I will definitely have a look next time I go there :) xxxx