Wednesday, 13 August 2014

10 Things I have learnt about myself this year

Today's post is very different to any of my others as my blog is mainly about beauty and fashion but this was inspired by a post I saw called '16 things I learnt while I was 16'. I thought I would do 10 things I have learnt about myself this year as in this past year I have started another part of my life by going to university and living away from home. There has also been other events in my life that have made me realise a lot and I just thought I would share them...

1. I have missed home a lot more than I thought I would - Although I haven't been that far away from home and could come home any weekend I wanted for the first month I didn't come home at all which was so hard especially the first week.

2. Everything can only get better - For anyone reading this and is thinking about going to uni don't be scared of it, not going to lie my experience of my first year was difficult at first but it got better and in the last few months I was enjoying it a lot more because I had got used to everything.

3. That been an organised person helps - I am a very organised person and this has helped me a lot during the uni year as I was constantly writing lists of the things I needed to do to make sure I had it all  done.

4. I now know who my real friends are - Been away from home makes you realise who your friends actually are. I would probably say I have three close friends who have all been there when I needed them even if we weren't living in the same place (or even the same country at one point) but I have come to realise that your best friends are the ones that even if you are apart nothing changes and it still feels like you haven't been away.
5. To not be afraid to take chances - After some of things I have had to make a decision about there has been another realisation I have had and it is that sometimes it better to take a chance than to just wonder what would have happened. 

6. Everything happens for a reason - I now know things happen and its not the end of the world better things will come and you will forgot and move on.

7. I am never alone - While at uni sometimes I felt lonely but I know I'm never alone and there is always someone to talk to which always helps.

8. That I should not tolerate been messed about by people - This year certain people have really  made me feel crap for months but from talking to family and friends I need to learn not to put up with it, stop been taken for granted, stop been too nice and realise I deserve better.

9. That I can be a confident person - I really feel this past year I have become more confident most of it is probably to do with living on my own and I have to do more things for myself. This is a really good thing for me because I can be very quiet around people.

10. That I am good at what I do - Before uni I always used to say my work was never good enough even though I had my friends and parents telling me I was wrong. Since studying for my degree and receiving a 2.1 overall for the first year it has made me believe in myself more and not been big headed but my work must be good enough if I have managed to pass the first year as I am sure not everyone will.

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