Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Make up Revolution eye shadow review with swatches

These are the other products I got in my Make Up Revolution haul which I am going to review today. I got 3 of their single eye shadows and a 12 colour eye shadow palette.

 The 3 single eye shadows I got were Good life (shimmery taupe shade), Promised Land (rose gold), and Isomnia (shmmery dark purple with reddish tone). They are all very pigmented and shimmery and at £1 I can't complain. I can tell a difference between these and higher end shadows in colour and lasting power but they are still very good. The packaging is very simple and the shadows are a good size. Again they are very similar to the MUA brand.

The palette I got was the Redemption Romantic smoked that has 12 shades. It has 6 shimmery colours and 6 matte colours which is really good as it means you don't need any other shadows to create an eye shadow look. I really like the colours and I will definitely try them all as they are the kind of colours I wear. The palette is much bigger than I thought and I really like the packaging as it quite sturdy and doesn't look too cheap. 

On the left there are the shimmery shades from the palette, in the middle there are the matte shades from the palette and on the right there are the single shadow shades. (I know these aren't the best swatches but it just gives you an idea) 

Also I have found that the matte brown shade in the palette makes the perfect eyebrow shade for me. The eyebrow on the left is the one I put some of the shadow through and I really like the difference it makes compared to the other one which has no shadow. I don't usually bother putting anything on my eyebrows but I like how much more defined they look.

Overall I would recommend them if you want to try different colours as there are so many to choose from and I got quite excited at the weekend as I spotted the range in the Superdrug store! Are they in a store near you yet? because if they are go and grab some, what excuse have you got they are so cheap and decent quality! 

Anyway hope you liked my Make up Revolution reviews  (click here to read my lipstick review)

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