Monday, 1 June 2015

This has been my May 2015

I have had quite a busy month this month from finishing my second year of university and moving back home, to my weekend away in Newcastle and also baking and catching up with friends. So on my blog today thought I would share my Instagram photos from the month of May... 

(From left to right and top to bottom)
1. Starbucks with my university friend  Donna, we have one in my university which is great!
2 .I spent the weekend in Newcastle at my Anna's who goes to university there and she made me chicken teriyaki one night which was really nice.
3. My friend Abbie also came and one day we went out for lunch at a place called Quay Ingredient.
4. On the saturday night we went to a plae called The Botanist for tea, I had a steak sandwich and chips and a mojito which is my favorite cocktail! I would really recommend going there its such a lovely place and does really good food and drinks.
(From left to right and top to bottom)
5. Me and my friend Abbie, also known as 'my twinnie' because we are so similar and could be sisters haha!
6. Cocktails at a place called Lola Jeans in Newcastle
7. On the sunday we went for lunch at a place called the Baltic Kitchen.
8. Some photos from our weekend together.
(From left to right and top to bottom)
9. Buns I made at home in some new silicone bun cases I got.
10. My nails I painted using some of Rita Ora's new colours for Rimmel, (post coming soon)
11. Lunch last week with friends at Lucia's.
12. Catch up at Costa with my university friend Hannah. 
13. Selfie from the photoshoot I had at the weekend with the girls in my family which was my Mum's mother's day present, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the photos this month.

I have really enjoyed the month of May and I can't believe its the start of June today, where does the time go! If you want to follow me on instagram it is 


Also have a look at my friend Anna's blog, Stylishimoto where she did a post about our weekend together.

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