Thursday, 29 January 2015

My favourite beauty treats from my 6 months of Birchbox

From July to December last year I had a 6 month subscription to the beauty box, Birchbox. You may know this if you have read my blog before but I wrote about it on a post (click here) and also did a few reviews for the boxes each month. Overall I really enjoyed getting this for a few months and really liked not knowing what beauty treats I would get. I was very happy with nearly all my items and today I thought I would share my favourites from over the 6 months...

Photos of sample sized products (some photos not my own)

 1.Protect & Detangle Beauty Protector - £14.00 -  This is a leave in conditioner that you use when you hair is wet and blow dry it in or leave to dry naturally and oh my gosh it makes your hair so soft and for me is sometimes a lazy way to conditioner my hair after washing, oh and it smells so good! 

2. Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - £26.00  - I had never used a face scrub before but when I tried this I really wish I had becuase this was amazing! It was a really fine scrub so it wasn't harsh on your face and my face felt really soft afterwards.

3. Montezuma Smooth Milk Chocolate - £2.99  -  I liked that Birchbox didn't just always put beauty treats in and I sometimes got a food sample and who doesn't like getting chocolate! I had never tried this brand before but I really liked it and I found that its not too sweet and just really good quality chocolate.

4. Benefit High Beam Highlighter - £19.50 - I had been wanting to try this for ages and when a sample came it my last box I was so happy! The sample size was so cute and the product was so good and now I really want to get a full size one.

5. Soigne Pomegranate Nail Lacquer - £11.00 -  I will admit that I am obsessed with nail polish and when I got this in my first box and it was full size I was so excited because it looked so fancy (that fancy I couldn't pronounce the name and had to look it up!) but it is definitely one of the best ones I own because it lasts for days without chipping and the colour is so pretty! I did a review on it a while ago (click here).

 The prices mentioned are for full size versions and they are available on the Birchbox online shop (click here)

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