Friday, 16 January 2015

Mac Diva Lipstick Review

I have wanted this lipstick since the autumn when I was really loving the look of dark fall shades include deep reds and dark pinky purples. I put it on my christmas list and my parents bought me it even if they did think it was expensive. I would describe Mac's Diva lipstick as a deep wine colour and is the darkest lipstick I own but I think it really suits me.

It is priced at £15.50 and is available from the Mac website, Debenhams or Fenwicks. It is a matte formula which I didn't actually realise and it can be a bit hard to apply but using a brush makes in easier and using a lip liner will make it last so much better. I love it so much it is such a pretty colour and the formula means it does last quite a while even on its own.

The lip liner I bought to go with it is from Boots and it is a Barry M one which matches perfectly. It is in the shade 7 and is called wine. This was £2.99 which is very reasonable as I didn't want to spend loads. The swatches above show them both (lip liner on the left and lipstick on the right.)

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