Wednesday, 1 July 2015

This has been my June 2015

I have done this type of post a few times before and I really like them as its nice to look back on the photos of the month. This past month I haven't been up to much other than relaxing before I start my work placement next Monday. I think I am a bit addicted to instagram as I have nearly 500 photos but anyway here are my photos from the month of June...

(from left to right and top to bottom)
1. It was one of my friend's birthday's so I made her a cake, it was chocolate marble cake.
2. I painted my nails a pretty lilac colour (Rita Ora for Rimmel Wild-er-ness) with silver tips.
3. I had a night in with my besties which I really enjoyed especially the prosecco!
4. Me and my two best friends had a Costa in the sun, we had to make the most of it since we don't get many sunny day in the UK. Also if you are a fan of their fruit cooler the new strawberry and watermelon one is so good!
5. After our drinks at Costa we sunbathed and took some photos (see more of them on my OOTD post here)
6. I painted my nails with a nail varnish my Nanna gave me, it is an Avon Mineral Crush one in Amethyst (review coming soon)
7. Me and my bestie Abbie had a baking day which was a success, my favourite thing were the brownies.
8. One of the photos me and my mum had done. it was her mother's day present which she really enjoyed.
9. More photos of me from the photo shoot, I think the black and white ones look amazing!
10. A selfie from the other night when I went out with my family to celebrate my brother's 1st class masters degree! I am very proud of him.
11. A kimono I made to wear in summer, I made use of my sewing skills and it means I have one that is a one of kind!

Even though I haven't done much I have enjoyed spending time with friends and chilling out at home. If you want to follow me on instagram it is


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